Woods and Finishes

Quarter-sawn white oak is the most traditional Arts & Crafts wood and accounts for about 90% of the clocks I make. I use environmentally safe water-based finishes and dyes on the oak. The clocks are then finished with a dark antiquing wax for an aged look.

All finish shades are subject to variations due to the density and grain of the wood, and the air temperature and humidity at the time. I mix the dyes for each run of clocks I am finishing at the time, so there are going to be variations. Shades range from light, medium, dark, and ebonized, with an emphasis on either a warm/reddish cast or a cooler, greener/golden cast.

The following samples represent the basic finishes:

Light - Amber Wood Sample Light/Amber Medium Warm Wood Sample Medium/Warm Medium Wood Sample Medium
Dark Warm Wood SampleDark/Warm Dark Wood SampleDark Ebonized Wood SampleEbonized

Other hardwoods are available for most of the clock models. These woods are finished with a hand rubbed oil/varnish finish, and then a clear wax is applied.

Some rare woods, such as Leopardwood, Curly or Birdseye Maple are premium and subject to a 10%-20% price increase. Please check with me for suggestions and prices.

LeopardwoodLeopardwood CherryCherry MapleMaple
Mahogany/KayhaMahogany/Kayha WalnutWalnut Birdseye MapleBirdseye Maple